AK Inst Wuhan Hot Dry Noodle Sesame Fl 275gr

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Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles (Sweet and Spicy Flavor) Ready to cook. Use soon after opening

Cooking instructions: 1. Put the noodles in a bowl. Add 600ml of boiling water (above 85C) and cover with a lid for 2-3 minutes until soft, carefully drain the water. 2. Add spices to taste, mix well and ready to serve. Storage conditions: Protect from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Wheat (gluten) flour (45.82%), water, thickener (E1420), salt, acid (E270), thickener (E401). Sauce packet: water, palm oil, brown sugar (1.02%), sugar (0.92%), Hoisin sauce (contains soy, wheat (gluten) flour, stabilizer (E1422), sesame paste, color (E150d sulfite ammonia caramel), fermented Curd (contains soy, wheat (gluten) flour, color (red yeast)), acidity regulator (E260), preservative (E202), sweetener (E955), Sichuan pepper oil (soybean oil, Sichuan pepper), sweet bean paste ( Contains wheat (gluten) flour, soy, sesame, flavor enhancer (E621), thickener (E1422), flavor enhancer (E631), preservative (E202), sweetener (E955), salt, flavor enhancer (E621), plato bean sauce (contains wheat (gluten) flour), corn starch, chili, color (E150d) sulfite ammonia caramel), yeast extract, chili seasoning oil (soybean oil, chili), spices (contains licorice), antioxidant (E307), hot pot flavor.(Contains soybean oil, celery seed oil), preservative (E202).Vegetable packet: radish, black mushroom, cowpea, so vegetable oil, salt, flavor enhancer (E621), sugar, chili, acid (E270), flavor enhancer (E635), antioxidant (E330), preservative (E202). Peanut packet: peanuts, soybean oil, salt, sugar, chili, flavor enhancer (E621), spices, antioxidant (E319 TBHQ), sweetener (E955).

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