Tapioca Pearl Topping Mix Colored 250gr

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Each pack of milk tea contains milk tea powder, a tea bag, red beans (a healthier choice compared to pearl bubbles), syrup and straw. All you need to make this milk tea is just a little hot water and a little ice if you want to drink it chilled. Instructions: Remove the tea bag, pour 300 ml of hot water into a cup, Brew the tea for 3 minutes afterwards Remove the tea bag and add the milk powder and red beans, mix well.

Ingredients: brown sugar drink with 54% non-dairy cream (glucose syrup, vegetable oil, milk powder (milk), sodium caseinate (milk), emulsifier (E481), antioxidant (E340), anti-caking agent (E551)), sugar, milk powder, black powder (0.5%), brown sugar syrup 28% (water, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, acidity regulator (E330)), red bean packet (red beans, sugar, water), black tea (2%) .

Nutritional information per 100 g: Energy value 1366 kJ / 327kcal; Fat 8.9 - of which saturated 0 g; Carbohydrates 59.5 g - of which sugar 45 g Protein 2.2 g, salt 0.27 g.

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