Noodles Hot chicken Ramen Light 130gr

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Easily ease your worries! It is a light version of Samyang Buldak's stir-fried noodles, which can be enjoyed by anyone, adding chewability with unbaked dried noodles and reducing the amount of spicy noodles and calories. Only 375 kcal. Ingredients Pasta: wheat flour (Australia, USA), modified starch, activated wheat gluten (France), refined salt (household), persimmon oil, onion extract, alkaline acid added to pasta (acidity regulator), vegetable extract, mixed tocopherol powder ), D-tocopherol (mixed type), cyclodextrin, emulsified starch mixture, vitamin B2. Soup: purified water, soy sauce, white sugar, grilled chicken concentrate, chicken flavor powder, habanero flavor, soybean oil, onions, red pepper powder, red pepper seed aromatic oil, flavor base S, spicy red pepper base powder, garlic modified starch, Jimmy powdered broth powder, paprika extract, bleached chili extract, pepper powder, chicken curry flavor base, lactic acid bacteria fermented, stir fried sesame. . Nutritional information per 100g: Energy value: 1427kJ / 341kcal Fat - of which saturated 4g 0g Corbohydrate - of which sugar 75g 6g Protein 9g, salt 2.3g.

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